Welcome to the Florida Cannabis Action Network. Learn about the guiding principle that strengthens the bond that unite us.


Florida CAN believes in you and the human potential. The change in your community begins with you - pure and simple. Let us know how the Florida Cannabis Action Network can best connect with you and your community.


Florida CAN believes that you lead by being genuine. The most important thing you can do is to be authentic, make a real connection with someone, and share your story. Everyone has a unique and important story to share. The connections and trust you cultivate and maintain is the only way to attain success with the Florida CAN Five Point Plan.

Please share your story with us because we want to get to know you. FLCAN respects your privacy. In fact, every member and story submitted remains confidential unless your permission is given.


Florida CAN believes in treating all people equitably based on their merits and abilities to reinforce progress and offer support. Members are reminded that Florida CAN is a statewide, poly-partisan not-for-profit, an association of individuals and businesses setting aside personal agenda and prejudices to organize around an issue that requires sustained effort.

Start out as an online activist and work your way offline.


Florida CAN believes in providing the tools and training for its constituencies to have the courage to become an ambassador of the cannabis plant. The courage to speak on behalf of those who can't. The courage to assume all the duties of citizenship: participating in the political process, challenging its laws and being constantly vigil for the betterment of city, state, and nation.

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Florida CAN believes the path towards properly creating and implementing sensible cannabis policies begins with education. Synthesizing experts and resources, Florida CAN is committed to providing accurate and actionable information to its constituencies, including:

  • Consumers & Friends
  • Veterans & Families
  • Business & Government
  • Patients & Health Care Providers
  • Parents & Neighbors

Keep your FLCAN Resource Guide nearby as you continue on your path educating your neighbors and friends.


Florida CAN believes in creating sensible cannabis policies, known as the Florida CAN Plan, that:

  1. Increase Public Safety
  2. Improve Quality of Life for Patients
  3. Open Opportunities for Research
  4. Save Taxpayers Money
  5. Create a New Economic Engine

Florida CAN accomplishes this by exercising our constitutional rights to engage the executive branch, legislative branch, and judicial branch; working in conjunction with political action committees (PAC) to petition the government for redress.

Help accomplish this mission by familiarizing yourself with the Florida CAN Five Point Plan.


Florida CAN is a membership-supported organization. Volunteers for FLCAN have carried our banner around the state, leading the grassroots since 1998. Today, committees carry out the FLCAN mission towards enjoying the full value of the cannabis plant without fear.

Welcome to the Florida Cannabis Action Network, Friend. 

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