Top From Lt - 1. Rt Josephe Krehl joined the Legislative Committee in February to help educate lawmakers about cannabis. 
2. Our Treasurer Bob Ohweiler reviews his notes at the podium while FLCAN president and Communications Director David Jones coordinate the message at the press conference announcing our petition to reschedule cannabis.
3. Veterans for Cannabis launched the 100KStrong.net project with a tour. The crew included David Jones; FLCAN Secretary David McKinney; NORML Veterans Committee Chair Joe Sisco; FLCAN's Veteran's Liaison, Bob Jordan; Veteran for Medical Cannabis co-founder Mike Krawitz and supporters Chelsi and Zack

Middle Row - 1. Sheridan Petroff is staffing the FLCAN office part-time as our office manager.
2. Team 27 - We walked together to raise money for ALS research. We called ourselves Team 27 since Cathy had survived 27 years with the disease.
3. Mike Minardi, a member of the FLCAN advisory board is shown here giving a know your rights lecture.
4. Meet Veterans Committee member Carolyn Karpel and FLCAN Ambassador Arnold Diehl, master breeder.

Bottom Row - 1. FLCAN Secretary David McKinney is shown here with his family, son Justus and wife, Jodi at the Capitol in Tallahassee.
2. Bob and Cathy Jordan are educating a passerby while Donnie Clark gets a petition ready to be signed at a roadside pavilion in Manatee Co.
3 Capital Reporter Mike Vasalinda interviews Bob and Cathy Jordan at the Capitol after the announcement prosecutors where accepting Cathy's Medical Necessity Defense.


The Florida CAN office is staffed by volunteers led by Executive Director Jodi James and David Jones, our Director of Communications and Sheridan Petroff, the Office Manager.