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Guiding Principles of FLCAN

Welcome to the Florida Cannabis Action Network. Learn about the guiding principle that strengthens the bond that unite us.

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Donor Relations

Donors are the lifeline to this membership-supported organizations. Find the most recent prospectus here to learn how each dollar supports the FLCAN mission.

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FLCAN Public Services

Florida CAN is a state not-for-profit and has been a resource to the community since 1998. Please learn more about the services we offer.

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Media Relations

This portal includes bios, project overviews, and facts and figures, and is designed specifically for the needs of any member of the press.

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Meet the FLCAN Team

Meet the Florida Cannabis Action Network team members as they provide logistical support for its committees and industry representation for its membership.

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Contact Florida CAN

Stop by the Florida CAN office, located at one of the busiest intersections in Brevard County. If you can't make it, then drop us a line!

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