Join A FLCAN Committee

Your involvement in this movement is the only way Florida can enjoy the cannabis plant without fear. Find a committee you'd like to join.

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Tell A Friend About CAN

Have you been asked questions about cannabis? It's a complicated issue with a steep learning curve, invite your friends and family to the FLCAN site to learn more.

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Calendar of Events

Florida Cannabis Action Network is a statewide organization driven by supporters - like you. Connect with other supporters at the next event.

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Meet Our Partners

Florida CAN partners with individuals and organizations who also desire to make an impact in reforming cannabis policies in this state. Interested? Click to Contact  

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Book A Speaker

Many cannabis supporters are also civilly-engaged in their communities through other civic organizations. Invite Florida CAN to speak at your next meeting.

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About Florida CAN

Learn about the Florida Cannabis Action Network: guiding principles, services, the FLCAN team, donor resources, and media relations.

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