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The drug history in Florida reaches far beyond the "square grouper" days when cannabis would wash onto the shore up and down the coastlines. Trace back the rich legacy behind the cannabis movement in Florida by viewing each of the following.

Remember: As history continues, the only difference is that YOU are now a part of it!  Today, Florida CAN encourages members to join a committee to carry out the mission of reforming cannabis policies.    Join a Committee   Not a Member?

The Cathy Jordan Story

The story of Cathy Jordan has been shared around the country long before she became the President of the Florida Cannabis Action Network in 2011.

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2011 to Present

Florida began another shift towards sensible cannabis policies when Florida CAN reorganized in 2011.

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1980s to 2000s

See how Florida activists participated in some of the most drastic shifts in cannabis policies unfolding across the United States.

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1930s to 1980s

Florida lawmakers have wrestled with the regulation of this innocent plant since it was outlawed in 1933.

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