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Florida CAN Plan for Parents & Neighbors

We believe laws should protect public safety, improve our quality of life, save taxpayers money and, whenever possible, create new economic opportunities. In the case of cannabis policies, we also need to assure they provide ample opportunity for research and development. In 2014, Florida CAN created our plan for a better Florida. Endorse the Plan

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How Addictive is Cannabis?

People are wired to run, according to a new study that looked at the roots of the pleasurable sensation known as runner's high. Friend of Florida CAN Dr. Greg Gerdeman proposes that what is happening in the body of a cannabis user is similar to what is happening in the body of a long-distance runner.

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Gateway Theory Debunked

The gateway theory suggested that many who smoked marijuana would move on to "harder" drugs after getting "addicted to" the relatively benign cannabis or marijuana plant. In fact, it may be the last drug chosen...

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Zero-Tolerance Doesn't Add Up

Prohibition causes a real conflict with the fourth amendment of the US constitution, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure.

  • Drug testing in schools is counterproductive.
  • It pushes students toward more dangerous drugs.
  • It keeps "at risk"; out of extracurriculars like band.
  • Drug testing isn't cheap or reliable.
  • No one likes to be treated like a criminal.

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