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Making Your Attorney Work for You

If you are seeking an attorney, you are already in an unusual situation.  The legal profession has specialists just like the medical field.  It is important that you understand the nature of the problem in order to find the right representation.  Always remember your attorney works for you.  Once you determine the specialty you need, don’t be afraid to interview attorneys.

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Tips for Encounters with Law Enforcement

Florida CAN is actively engaged in changing the laws. If you are forced to use cannabis under prohibition, here are some tips for encounters with law enforcement. Every encounter is different and they have the guns. These are just suggestions provided by our attorneys for your protection.

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Urine Testing

Cannabis Action Network believes that any form of drug testing violates your Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches and your Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. Should you be forced by economic pressures to work for a company that does drug test or by court order to undergo regular tests, there are many other things you should know. 

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Cannabis May Not Make You Brilliant

While cannabis may not make you brilliant or famous, some very famous people admit to using cannabis.

• Richard Branson - CEO Virgin Group
• Rick Steves - Travel Writer
• Aaron Sorkin - Script Writer
• Michael Phelps - Olympic Superstar
• Barak Obama - US President
• Michael Bloomberg - Mayor of NY
• Ted Turner - Owns CNN
• Montel Williams - Actor
• Stephen King - Writer
• Schwarzenegger - Governor
• Carl Sagan - Astronomer

Consumers: Know Your Rights Before You Light Up

Do you have an arrest plan? Do you know felony weight limits? Are you carrying stems and seeds when you travel? As long as cannabis is prohibited, someone will be breaking the law when they use it. If it isn't legal for you to use cannabis, know your rights before you light up.

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Worried About A Friend?

Is your friend having problems? Do they seem depressed or anxious more than most? Do you think he/she has a drug problem or is he or she self-medicating? If their behavior is causing problems for them, ask if you can help.

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Legal Support Network

The greatest harm associated with cannabis use is legal. Are you facing criminal charges for cannabis? Are you considering using cannabis in violation of the law to treat a debilitating illness or condition? If you or a loved-one finds yourself in trouble for using cannabis, or considering using cannabis, the Florida CAN Legal Support Network has the resources for you. 

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