Current Laws

Learn about Florida's current laws surrounding cannabis extracts, hemp, cultivation, and more.

  • Criminal Penalties
  • Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014
  • Medical Necessity Defense

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Reform Strategy

Florida Cannabis Action Network actively engages reform on three of the four ways to change cannabis laws. Political Action Committees handle the fourth. Together, this is how we strategically implement cannabis policies.

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History of Reform

Did you know Florida first started prohibiting cannabis in 1933? Fact. In this section learn about:

  • The Cathy Jordan Story
  • 2011 to Present
  • 1980s to 2000s
  • 1930s to 1980s

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Find Your Elected Official

It's an honor to exercise your rights as a citizen and vote. When you go to the ballot box, you can use the Florida CAN legislative guide to vote for those who vote for you and your issue in the Florida Senate and House of Representatives.

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Florida CAN Heroes

Florida CAN honors its heroes as the journey continues in the Sunshine State, and abroad, to create sensible cannabis policies. Learn about:

  • Florida CAN Ambassadors
  • Florida's Patient Memorial
  • Freedom Fighters

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Affected Floridians

For nearly 90 years, cannabis prohibition has affected the quality of life of Floridians. Florida CAN represents those affected by prohibition:

  • Veterans & Families
  • Consumers & Friends
  • Business & Gov't
    • Patients & Health Care Providers
    • Parents & Neighbors

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