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FLCAN Supports Floridians for Freedom

Floridians for Freedom has launched a campaign against cannabis prohibition and FLCAN is behind the movement. You can check out the petition, sign it, and/or donate to the cause by visiting the FFF website by clicking on their logo.



Don't Plead Guilty Yet!

If you or a loved one was recently arrested or given a citation for cannabis, don't plead guilty yet. One of the ways to change cannabis laws is through the courts. Just because an officer found cannabis does not mean your only option is to plead guilty. Call our office to discuss the circumstances of your case with one of our skilled legal support coordinators. 321-253-3673 - better still know your rights before you light up!

Veterans for Cannabis

Calling all veterans. Did you fight for your country or did you just fight for the state you live in? If like our veteran committee leaders you fought for the whole country, then how can you sit by and watch as veterans in some states are denied access to cannabis, while others use it without fear?

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